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Since 1997 DRIFTER PARTS Ltd. are the Europe’s leading manufacturer of alternative drifter parts for Atlas Copco, Sandvik, Tamrock, Montabert, Ingersoll Rand and Furukawa. DRIFTER PARTS Ltd. has more than 20 years experience in the hydraulic and pneumatic drifter parts manufacturing field and has over 240 worldwide exporting volume each month. With three worldwide manufacturing points and two branch offices, DRIFTER PARTS Ltd. has a wide customer base with whom it has built up strong relationships. DRIFTER PARTS Ltd. manufacture regularly over 9.000 parts each year in its 3 different located factories and aims to distributed in 63 countries in the next 20 years.

Manufacturing portfolio contains models for Atlas Copco / Epiroc such as Cop1132, Cop1238 ME, Cop1240, Cop1638, Cop1638 AW, Cop 1640, Cop1838 ME, Cop1838 HD, Cop1838 HD+, Cop1838 AW, Cop1840 HE, Cop 1840+, Cop1840 EX, Cop2160, Cop2560, Cop2560EX, Cop2238, Cop2238+, Boomer282, Boomer281, D3, D5, D7C, D7, F9, D3, S1D, L2D, M2C, ECM470, ECM580, ECM680, ECM660, ECM690.

For Sandvik and Tamrock HL438, HL500, HL500S, HL510, HL510T, HL550, HL600, HL650, HL700, HL710, HL800T, HL1000, HL1010, HL1500, HL1560T, HLX5, HLX5T, HFX5T, RD520, RD525. Pantera Series such as Pantera 1500, Dp1500i, DP1100i, Pantera 900, Pantera 1100. Sandvik Ranger Series such as Ranger DX500, DX600R, DX700, DX780, DX800, DX900i and more.

For Montabert and Furukawa HC50, HC109, HC109RP, HC110, HC120, HC158RP, VL140, HD609, HD612, HD615, HD709, HD712 and HD715.

Atlas Copco - Epiroc COP Drifter Parts

Drifter Parts for Cop 1132, Cop 1238 ME, Cop 1240, Cop 1638, Cop 1638 AW, Cop 1640, Cop 1838 ME, Cop 1838 HD, Cop 1838 HD+, Cop 1838 AW, Cop 1840 HE, Cop 1840+, Cop 1840 EX, Cop 2160, Cop 2550, Cop 2560, Cop 2560 EX, Cop 2238, Cop 2238+

Atlas Copco Cop 1838 Me Drifter

Cop 1838 ME Parts

Cop 1838 HD Parts

1838hd+ drifter

Cop 1838 HD+ Parts

atlas copco cop1840

Cop 1840 Parts

atlas copco cop1238 drifter

Cop 1238 Parts

cop 1638 drifter

Cop 1638 Parts

Sandvik - Tamrock HL Drifter Parts

Drifter Parts for HLX5, HFX5T, HLX5T, HL500, HL500S, HL510, HL510T, HL510B, HL538, HL538L, HL550 SUPER, HL600, HL645, HL650, HL700, HL710, HL710S, HL800T, HL850, HL1000, HL1000S, HL1010, HL1500, HL1560T, HL438, RD520, RD525

hlx5 drifter

HLX5 Parts

hlx5t drifter

HLX5T Parts

hl500 drifter

HL500 Parts

sandvik hl700 drifter

HL700 Parts

sandvik hl1000 drifter

HL1000 Parts

hl1560t drifter

HL1560T Parts

sandvik hlx5 drifter
montabert hc109 drifter
hd712 drifter
atlas copco drifters

Sandvik HLX5 Parts

HLX5 and HLX5T drifters are prefered on Axera underground drilling machines by users. Sandvik HLX5 and HLX5T hydraulic drifters are mostly used for underground purposes such as tunnel construction and underground mining. We offer aftermarket spare parts solutions for HLX5 and HLX5T models. Our product range contains rotation bushings, couplings, pistons, bearing bushings, seal housings, hydraulic motors, seal kits, accumulators, diaphragms, gas charging valves and other components. Find out more to explore A+ grade quality of HLX5 and HLX5T spare parts.

Tamrock HL 500 Parts

As a leader of the European alternative spare parts manufacturer, we offer you not only the best quality spare parts for Tamrock, but also new - complete HL500 and HL510 hydraulic drifters. We manufacture both T45 and T38 complete Tamrock HL500 and HL510 models for European and North American markets. Our product range contains body, gear housing, front head, couplings, pistons, seal kits, diapgragms, hydraulic motors, shank bushings and other parts. Please contact us immediately if you in need of new and complete Tamrock HL500 or HL510 drifters. Our sales team will provide the best pricing solutions for you!

tamrock hl500 drifter

Montabert HC 109 Parts

Montabert HC109 and HC109 Rp are oftenly used in African, European and North American mines and construction zones. It is suitable for underground and surface drilling. Our Montabert product range contains strike pistons, distributors, hydraulic stop pistons, thrust pistons, gear, drivers, cylinders, seal kits, diaphragms and other components. Our manufacturing offers you oem, aftermarket solutions for HC109 and HC109 Rp hydraulic drifter spare parts. You will be successful with our A grade quality spare parts!

hc109 drifter

Atlas Copco / Epiroc Boomer Parts

Atlas Copco Boomer282

Boomer 282 Parts

atlas copco boomerl2d

Boomer L2D Parts

atlas copco boomer s1d

Boomer S1D Parts

atlas copco boomer281

Boomer 281 Parts